Corporate in-house trainings

Our law firm has extensive experience holding in-house corporate training for employers and contractors, engineers and consultants on construction issues. Since 2014, we have organized more than 70 seminars on Construction & real estate in Kazakhstan, the Application of FIDIC contracts in the post-Soviet-Union countries. We have spoken at more than 32 different international conferences.

Our speakers can hold seminars in the English language.

Training can have a complex approach: testing before training, submission of theoretical material, practical tasks, homework, and final testing to control acquired knowledge.

Corporate in-house seminars on various issues for lawyers and engineers:

  • Construction and reconstruction in the energy sector.
  • Construction and reconstruction in infrastructure, oil and gas projects.
  • Construction in Kazakhstan: management, control and monitoring by the Board of Directors.
  • International and local Republic of Kazakhstan Commercial Arbitration: Theory and Practice.
  • Construction contracts application, including EPC, in Kazakhstan for the contractor.
  • Construction contracts application, including EPC, in Kazakhstan for the employer.
  • The construction business regulations in Kazakhstan.
  • Lawyer in real estate in Kazakhstan: administration, contractual relations, judicial practice.

Corporate in-house seminars on FIDIC contracts depending on the level of complexity:

Beginner, for lawyers and engineers:

  • International construction contracts FIDIC and EPC. Basic concepts and application practice in Kazakhstan.
  • International construction contracts FIDIC and EPC. Basic concepts and application practice in the post-Soviet-Union countries (concerning a specific country).

Advanced, for lawyers and engineers:

  • FIDIC contracts when working with international financial donors - tender procedures and documentation.
  • FIDIC Red, Yellow and Silver Books application, concluding construction contracts now in Kazakhstan.
  • FIDIC construction contracts in the post-Soviet-Union countries (linked to a specific country - Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and others). The practice of using White, Red, Yellow and Silver Books.

Professional, for lawyers and engineers:

  • Training/ workshop. Solving practical tasks with FIDIC contracts based on Red and Yellow Books.
  • Author's training session by Andrey Artyushenko. Teamwork with an already concluded construction contract. We are holding this training based on the client's already signed construction contract, including one of the FIDIC books. The goal is to take apart an existing contract, learn how to work with it, and prepare checklists and other auxiliary materials.

Peculiarities of our training programs?

  • The speakers have specialized education and experience.
  • The individually designed training program takes into account the needs of the client.
  • Solving practical tasks during training.
  • Analysis of the participant's cases during the training.
  • Participants' knowledge control before the start of training and after the end of the training event.

As part of the training, we offer the following:

  • Handouts according to the number of participants.
  • FIDIC books (officially purchased).
  • Lists of recommended literature.
  • Bonus video materials for self-study.
  • Equipped conference rooms (projector, flipchart), coffee breaks, and lunch (for face-to-face events).
  • Certificates of completion of training.

Training formats:

  • In-person, i.e., the speaker's arrival at the training place.
  • Remotely (mixed format – video lectures, text materials for self-study, webinars for fixing, etc.). Conducted through the online platform GetCourse.

Here are the participants of our seminars over the past several years:

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