Non residential/commercial real estate due diligence


Prior to make any purchase actions related to non residential real estate/commercial real estate in Kazakhstan (building, warehouse, industrial base, factory, floor in non residential building, private non residential premises, etc.), we recommend you carefully check the documents, the credentials of the seller.


This service would be interesting to:

  • investors planning an acquisition of assets in Kazakhstan;
  • companies planning to expand its business through the acquisition of immovable property in Kazakhstan;
  • owners of real estate in Kazakhstan to restore order in the documentation before setting the object for sale.

The minimum fee for this service includes check of the one property with the land under it, or one premise, regardless of purpose of use.

What will you get as a result:

  • the Legal report of at least 8-10 pages with the status of documents on the property (validity, completeness, existing in the registration database, compliance with applicable laws);
  • the report for any encumbrances in respect of real property;
  • the corporate documents of the seller check, including the initial property rights check;
  • check for litigation against the seller and real estate;
  • description of risks of loss of the property (if any);
  • clear and reasonable position for further negotiations;
  • additional explanations by the lawyer after submission of the result of services within 60 minutes by phone or Skype conference.

The term of preparation of the Legal report is seven (7) working days from the date of receipt of all documents for real estate.

Additional options for the service:
Please attach your agreement (better in Word format)

The terms for services in "Art and Part" Store

Terms and definitions:

Contractor – the “Art and Part” Law firm, full legal name “Art and Part” LLP, BIN: 110140001965, legal and physical address – 15A (Koktem Square building), office 3, 1 floor, Koktem-1 microdistrict, Almaty, A15C8Y8, Republic of Kazakhstan, contact telephone number +7 727 3573056.

Client – the natural person or legal entity, who has paid service through the Store.

Store – the online market on the web-site (by link Store) and in social media, for selling legal services on behalf of “Artyushenko & Partners” law firm.

Service – the legal services and documents for sell in the Store.

Terms – this legal services terms in the Store.

Main terms:

  1. Relations between the Parties during providing Services are subject to the fee-based services rules in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  2. By putting tick on “Accept Terms” the Client undertakes obligations and agrees with the Terms and special aspects of rendering the Services, specified in this Terms.
  3. If the Client has questions in respect of the Services, the Client is able to contact the Contractor at telephone numbers in the Store.
  4. It is not allowed to use the results on the Services by the Client more than one time, without distinction of the type of Service.
  5. The Client should sign the acceptance act within 5 (five) working days from the date of receiving. If the Client does not send to the Contractor motivated refusal from signing such act within indicated period, acceptance act should be considered signed and Services should be considered accepted without any claims.
  6. In case if the Client would not took the results of the Services after making a payment for the Services within one calendar month, the Services would be considered as rendered.
  7. Paid fees repayment can be made only in the presence of the Contractor’s guilt:
    • within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of receiving writing, reasonable Client’s application to the address of the Contractor;
    • will be made by direct credit transfer in accordance with the bank details, from which the payment was made.
  8. The Contractor reserves its rights to:
    • results of the Services' and all other objects of intellectual property including copyright items, trade marks;
    • all methods, processes, techniques, ideas, concepts and know-how which are the part of the result of the Services' and/or used and/ or developed.
  9. All and any consultations, advices and recommendations developed by the Contractor in frames of providing Services are the expression of the Contractor’s opinion in specific questions and should be based on the laws in force of the Republic of Kazakhstan and effective international practice as well.
  10. The Contractor will undertake any reasonable actions for achievement of the positive improvements. The Contractor cannot and will not guarantee that any improvements will happen. The Contractor cannot guarantee and is not responsible for the action any reaction and/ or act which might be done by the authorized state authorities on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  11. Any distribution (transfer, lease, sale, gift, granting access) of the results of Services by the Client in favor of third parties is prohibited.

Personal data protection:

  1. Contractor may collect, process, store, use, transfer (disseminate, provide and make accessible) and destroy any information, including: surname, name and patronymic; date and place of birth; address, marital status, education and occupation, and any other information relating, directly or indirectly, to the Client and its employees, counterparties and other persons connected with the Client and their employees becoming available to Contractor at any time during the rendering Services.
  2. The Client's written consent to personal data processing by Contractor for the purposes of rendering Services shall be deemed obtained at the moment of acceptance by the Client these Terms, by putting tick “Accept Terms”.
  3. The Client's consent to personal data processing by Contractor hereunder shall be valid for ten (10) years after the acceptance by the Client these Terms.


In case if the result of the rendered Service has been found at the disposal of any third parties, the Client will pay 100 times such fee for Service to the Contractor as a compensation for the damages caused.